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    Box Set 6 EPs  

    ​Edition limited: 500 copies - Numbered by factory

    Johnny Burnette

    Sleazy records

    superbe produit a posséder

    Song List: SR115-1

    Side A:
    Tear It Up
    Sweet Love On My Mind
    Side B:
    Your Baby Blue Eyes
    Honey Hush
    Song List: SR110-2

    Side A:
    Blue Stay Way From Me
    Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
    Side B:
    If You Want It Enogh
    Touch Me
    Song List: SR110-3

    Side A:
    Warm Love
    Boppin' Rosalie
    Side B:
    Do Baby Do
    My Honey
    Song List: SR110-4

    Side A:
    Just Keep On Goin'
    Mule Boy
    Side B:
    Crazy Legs
    Wampus Cat
    Song List: SR110-5

    Side A:
    Settin' The Woods On Fire
    Ballad Of The One-Eyed Jacks
    Side B:
    Little Boy Sad
    Bigger Man
    Song List: SR110-6

    Side A:
    Me And The Bear
    Sweet Baby Doll
    Side B:
    Sweet Suzie
    What A Summer Day


    Artist: Johnny Burnette
    Tittle: The Many Rock 'n' Roll Sides Of....
    Format: Deluxe 7" boxset (Hard Cardboard) with 6 singles 45rpm
    Ref: SR115
    Productor: Sleazy Records

    Info: Edition limited: 500 copies - Numbered by factory


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