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    Produit par TIMBER CREEK productions . Le film a recut une nomination pour son aspect DRAMATIQUE au BEST DRAM -


    du MEILLEUR ACTEUR -DENTON BLANE EVERETT au trail dance film festival .


    Il est entré au to 25  au movie maker magazine .


    Au 3 e festival TRAIL DANCE à DUNCAN (OKLAHOMA) du 16 janvier 2009 il sera en  cérémonie d' ouverture ..




    Iere production de TIMBER CREEK mais belle réussite . Le film est basé de la piece de theatre  Rockabilly Baby  de LESLIE JORDAN .


    Ecrit et dirigé par l ancien acteur KEN FARMER le film révèle une histoire prenante sur fond histoire (fictif) du rock nroll FIFTIES .


    Il est filmé en HD (texas) .


    LE HEROS BABY BOY WATKINS , PIANISTE / CHANTEUR de rock nroll a enfin sa chance lorsqu il est invité à se produire à NASHVILLE , sa vie va pouvoir changer et il pourra faire ce qu il aime par dessus tout .Son manager organise bien sa venue .MAIS LORS DU SHOW SA SOEUR JOLLENE DEBARQUE ET LUI DEMANDE AU NOM DE SON COEUR ET DE SON ATTACHEMENT FAMILIAL D ARRETER DE CHANTER ET REVENIR A LA MAISON ................



    • Best Drama
    • Best Actor - Denton Blane Everett
    • Best Poster
    • Audience Choice
    • Director's Choice

    “I cannot tell you how impressed I was. Those actors gave such fully realized performances. It really is a beautiful marriage of writing, directing and acting. Watching that film was like going to a FINE ARTS MUSEUM!!!”
    -Leslie Jordan (Writer/Emmy Award Winner/Actor)

    “I was riveted. And no car chases, extravagant scenery, nudity, blood and violence, just consummate, compelling performances by extraordinarily talented actors. If you had the world to choose from you could not have come up with a better cast.” 
    -Alex Cord (Actor)

    “I just wanted to extend a big JOB WELL DONE for the wonderful film you have created.  I was very impressed with the performances and appreciated the opportunity to experience the sneak peak. You've made the stars of Dallas shine!”
    -Linda Dowell (Screen Actors Guild)

    “Texas talent totally SHINED and glittered in this excellent character driven film…AND with no nudity, no action, just crisp, sassy dialogue.No major stars are in it…and I don’t think anyone will care since all performers in this little gem of a movie are star quality. It’s magic. Truly.”   
    -Linda McAlister (Agent)

    “It succeeds in a place where other period films most often fail: The dialogue feels…like it [Rockabilly Baby] depicts the time, and not peoples’ sentimental memories of the time. You really casted gold here. One of the most realistic depictions of male friendship that I ever seen.”
    -Rikard Errickson (Film Critic – DVDForum, Stockholm, Sweden)

     "Amazing. Great adaptation and directing.”
    -Ben Dane (Actor)

    “I believed these people existed. These characters ran deep. The story (is) vividly realistic. The music was beautiful, well placed and eased the transitions. I watched it at least twice. I want to buy the DVD when it comes out.”
    -Anonymous (Film Critic)


    About The Film



    Language: English
    Genre: Drama
    MPAA Rating: Not Rated (Discretion is advised for language)
    Running Time: 88 Minutes
    Aspect Ratio: 1.85 (16x9 Video)
    Original Format: Panasonic AG DVX-200-P2
    Completion: August 2008
    Website: www.rockabillybabymovie.com
    Adapted from the stage play, "Rockabilly Baby" by Leslie Jordan
    Screenwriter: Ken Farmer
    Director: Ken Farmer


    Cast List



    Denton Blane Everett - Baby Boy Watkins
    Todd Farr - Dirty Dawkins
    Brandi Price - Jollene Watkins
    Maeghan Albach - Mama Watkins
    Kelly O'Neil Jackson - Preacher
    Melissa Odom - Dixie
    Samantha Thomson - Tootie
    Grover Coulson - Old Black Walter
    Jodie Moore - Buddy


    Selected Bios


    Leslie Jordan - Writer Stage Play "Rockabilly Baby"


    Actor, writer and inspiration, Leslie Jordan was the 2006 Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Beverley Leslie on "Will and Grace."








    Release Date:

    16 January 2009 (USA)  »

    Filming Locations:

    Gainesville, Texas, USA











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