• news The Foggy Mountain Rockers

    Country: Germany

    Year: Mar 2017

    Label: Part Records

    Ref.: PART CD 627.007

    Format: 2 × CD, Album, Reissue

    Artist: The Foggy Mountain Rockers

    Title: Dice In Flames / Angel Heart

    Style: Rockabilly - Rock'n'Roll


    Dice In Flames
    CD1-01 - The Long Ride Home     
    CD1-02 - Wildcat     
    CD1-03 - Crazy Little Teddygirl     
    CD1-04 - Rockabilly Stomp     
    CD1-05 - Livin' In The Foggy Mountains     
    CD1-06 - Crossfire     
    CD1-07 - Fathers Rockin' Times     
    CD1-08 - Ghosttown     
    CD1-09 - Forbidden Love-Affair     
    CD1-10 - Cast Iron Arm     
    CD1-11 - Don't Cut My Hair     
    CD1-12 - Reason For Livin'     
    CD1-13 - Don't Knock Upon My Door     

    Angel Heart
    CD2-01 - Trouble     
    CD2-02 - Hold Me Tight     
    CD2-03 - All I Can Do Is Cry     
    CD2-04 - Cats Rhythm     
    CD2-05 - Teenage Paradise     
    CD2-06 - Castin' My Spell     
    CD2-07 - Pioneers     
    CD2-08 - El Diablo     
    CD2-09 - Bopcat     
    CD2-10 - Together Forever     
    CD2-11 - Angel Heart     
    CD2-12 - Dancing Shoes     
    CD2-13 - Revenge Of The Innocent     
    CD2-14 - Over The Rainbow     
    CD2-15 - Wild Nights     
    CD2-16 - Party By The Riverside     
    CD2-17 - Drinkin' Beer


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