• news Charlie Hightone And Carlos Slap

    Country: Spain

    Year: 2018

    Label: El Toro Records (Bullseye)

    Ref.: BE122

    Format: LP

    Artist: Charlie Hightone And Carlos Slap

    Carlos López is an essential double bassist on the Rockabilly scene in Spain and Charlie Hightone needs no introduction!
    They recently teamed to gather a bunch of great songs composed by Carlos with the help of some prominent names from the cream of the crop of Madrids roots music caracters.
    The result is this great album with no fillers nor covers... 10 great originals!
    Note - Drunk Again (A-5) version is different to the one on the couple's single.

    Title: Two Cats And The Bass

    Style: Rockabilly

    SIDE A
    A1 - Back To You
    A2 - So Alone
    A3 - Seven Nights
    A4 - Sea Of Tears
    A5 - Drunk Again (Bakersfield)

    SIDE B
    B1 - Love My Baby
    B2 - Bring Me Down
    B3 - Yours Forever
    B4 - Beautiful Squirrel
    B5 - Make Me Happy


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