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    Year: 2017

    Label: Part Records

    Ref.: PART-LP 3327.014

    Format: 2 Vinyls LP 12" 33 CM, Limited

    Artist: Backdraft

    Title: Pull The Trigger

    Style: Rock & Roll


    20 tracks - The second album of the Teddyboy Rock 'n' Roll combo 'Backdraft'. All songs except one are written by the members of the band - great stuff

    Backdraft - Pull The Trigger (2-LP) LP 1 
    A1 - Little Mona 
    A2 - Rockin' Band 
    A3 - Pull The Trigger 
    A4 - She Got Me On The Hook 
    A5 - Something To Rock 
    B1 - On The Road Again 
    B2 - I Love You 
    B3 - Blow Up The Rails 
    B4 - Car Crazy 
    B5 - Wild Wet And Easy

    Backdraft - Pull The Trigger (2-LP) LP 2 
    C1 - Nothing Without You 
    C2 - Devil Girl 
    C3 - I No Longer Mind 
    C4 - Angel 
    C5 - Norma Jeane 
    D1 - Rocking On My Mind 
    D2 - Slow People 
    D3 - I Never Knew 
    D4 - I Could Die For Rock 'n' Roll 
    D5 - Jumpin' Jive

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