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    'Elvis On Tour - The Standing Room Only Tapes' Import Box-set: From an unknown bootleg label, Magnetic, a new 4 CD set featuring"The Standing Room Only Tapes rehearsals"recorded in March and April 1972. 
    These rehearsals are presented here in their best sound quality available, and for the very first time reunited in a single box-set with a nice booklet featuring related pictures, paperwork and memorabilia. 
    The set contains material recorded between March and April 1972 at RCA Studio C, Hollywood.
    CD1 - The Mock-Up Studio Sessions: 30.03.1972
    CD2 - The Rehearsals Part 1 - 31.03.1972
    CD3 - The Rehearsals Part 2 - 31.03.1972
    CD4 - The Buffalo Rehearsal, 5.04.1972

    Make sure to get your hands on a copy of this LIMITED EDITION !! 



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