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    Country: France

    Year: 2016

    Producteur : Stag-O-Lee Records

    Ref.: stag-o-072

    Format: Vinyl LP 12" (diponible en cd)

    Artist: Roy Thompson & The Mellow Kings

    Title: 20 Days

    Style: Rockabilly - Rock'n'Roll


    Side A:
    A1 - Oh What A Wonderful Time 
    A2 - Burnt Toast And Black Coffee 
    A3 - Twenty Days 
    A4 - Hoppin' Mad 
    A5 - My Lovin' Kind     
    A6 - Tighten Heart
    A7 - You Got Me     

    Side B:
    B1 - Take Me Back 
    B2 - I Love My Baby     
    B3 - I Don't Wanna Leave     
    B4 - For This I Thank You     
    B5 - Cha Dooky Doo     
    B6 - Kokomo Joe     
    B7 - Roll Roll Roll     
    B8 - The Midnite Creeper

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